Who Are We Cheering For Anyway - Who Are We Cheering For Anyway? It can be the most devastating, cruel remark heard in that moment of your greatest despair.

Know Your Course Tees - Since its inception, golf has been the world's most elegant sport.

Hola Modern Bike Shorts Adios Itchy Groin - We'd just made it to the top of Mount Shasta (well actually only as far as the road goes) when the subject of old-school bike shorts came up.

The Only Meteorite Hunting Ranch In America - Each year ten of thousands of meteorites hit the earth.

Michael Vick - An elementary student who first showed an interest in baseball and basketball, Michael Vick later developed his love of football.

Know Your Course Fairways - There is greater challenge in keeping a healthy looking fairway and green for the whole golf course.

Tennis How to Improve Your Tennis Game in Minutes - ONE of the most important things in tennis is to keep the eye on the ball.

The Formula One Final Race Review Shanghai - Date - Sunday October 16 - Shanghai, China - Fernando Alonso won the Chinese F1 Grand Prix and in doing so has won the constructor's title for Renault after de-throning Michael Schumacher of the driver's championship in September.

Gymnasts Dress Safely for Gymnastics - Being Able to See is Always Helpful.

Kayak Headlights Discussed - For the true thrill seekers looking for the most outrageous and intense of sports may I suggest night time Kayaking on a difficulty ?extreme level? river? If you are looking to feel your adrenaline flowing like a roaring rapid river, then this is.

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