Bashin Braves Hank AAron and Eddie Mathews Dynamic Duo

Hank Aaron played 23 seasons with the Braves in Milwaukee, and Atlanta and then returning to Milwaukee to play with the Brewers.Playing with Eddie Mathews he averaged .186 RBIs per at bat After Eddie Mathews left the team he averaged .184 RBIs per at bat. For his entire career he averaged .185 RBIs per at bat.

These statistics typify the type of player Hank Aaron was. While he shows overall outstanding numbers for his entire career, his per season numbers were never over the top. He was the model of consistency. Maybe the most consistent player in the game.His greatness was his consistency.FYI.

Hank Aaron hit 44 home runs four times In his career.Mathews played 17 seasons Most of his career was with Hank Aaron Did Hank Aaron help Eddie Mathews? Probably. Did Eddie Mathews help Hank Aaron? Probably. Eddie Mathews is also in the Hall of Fame.Eddie Mathew and Hank Aaron hit more home runs as a duo than Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth hit.

869 to 818.As a duo the Bashin Braves drove in 2627 runs during their 13 years of teaming up.As a tandem they also scored 2668 runs.For both of their entire career playing with each other and alone they hit 1267 home runs.

They must have gotten tired, from producing so many runs.Not too bad.


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