Boat Ladders

A boat ladder is an essential accessory for boats. They help in climbing in and out of the boats. Boat ladders can assist in climbing in the boat from two ways; one from the deck mount and two from the side. They come in a variety of models ranging from single step to five steps. The height of the boat helps in deciding the number of steps you need.

They are mostly manufactured in a combination of aluminum, stainless steel, vinyl and plastic parts. Boat ladders have two hooks at the top to fit on the boat's side for support. The width of your boat side should determine the size of the boat ladder hook. Most boat ladders come in folding type models with unbreakable rungs and do not sink in the water.

There are some special boat ladders. Transom ladders are meant for boats having transoms. Similarly, there are ladders for pontoon boats. Even an electric hydraulic controlled ladder is available for pontoon boats; having two handrails that extend up to facilitate climbing.

For divers, there are sports boat ladders that come with center design and a comfortable angle for a problem-free, easy dive. And for the explorer who has to wear inflatable gear, specially designed ladders with contours are available. Rope ladders are not very common in boats, but they are quite convenient for swimmers. Rope ladders are used for landings and are essential for rescues.

For the people, who like to take their dogs boating, there are boat ladders designed for dogs without gaps, so they can walk easily in and out of the boat without stumbling and falling.Boat ladders should ideally fold flat for easy storage, should be sturdy and durable and provide maximum foot comfort. One can find boat ladders in outdoor activities stores, hardware shops, and special boat accessories shops or on the Internet. Some manufacturers provide custom-made boat ladders on request.

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By: Damian Sofsian

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