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Due to the great variety of skis available, the beginner can easily become confused as to what equipment to get. Instead of buying a set of ski equipment right away, renting is a good option to consider. Here are some tips to help the beginning skier aong either path. Renting Ski Equipment Beginning skiers are usually better off renting their ski equipment, for the first season at least. It can be an expensive mistake to buy boots, poles and a full set of skis, when you don't yet have the experience to choose the proper equipment. Ski resorts usually have very knowledgeable staffs in their rental shops.

They can be very helpful in choosing appropriate equipment for each skier. They will take into account height, weight, skiing ability and skiing style, as well as the current snow conditions. The rental shop staff has no interest in pushing one brand over another, because once you pay the rental fee you have your choice of any equipment in the shop. Of course, the staff does have an interest in making the skiing experience as enjoyable as possible.

If you enjoy yourself, you are more likely to come back and rent from them again. Renting is a great way to enable you to try out various types of skis and boots to see which you prefer. If you start with short skis, try a slightly longer pair each time to see what the difference is. Experimenting with skis from various manufacturers and skis made of different materials will help when it comes time to buy your own equipment. By then you will know exactly what works for you.

Buying Ski Equipment After a couple of seasons of skiing, you will probably want your own equipment. Information you'll need to tell the sales person: - how the skis will be used -- on or off trail, groomed snow or powder, speed or stability - your skiing ability - your height and weight - preferred length of skis - for woman or man. The staff in the ski shop, usually seasoned skiers, will help you make a good choice in your purchase.

Be sure to give them as many details as possible about your skiing ability and style. This will enable them to guide you toward a suitable pair of skis for your needs. Due to modern ski technology, skis can be designed so that one pair can suit a variety of conditions and styles. Of course, there are still specialized skis for specific purposes. The beginner to intermediate skier should probably get a pair of skis that can be used almost anywhere to try out different types of skiing as you progress.


By: Ron King

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