Cincinnati Reds Betting Preview

The Cincinnati Reds showed glimpses of becoming a good team in 2005. They brought big bats to the plate but they suffered from lack of quality pitching all season. In other words, they were the perfect overs team. The average total at home was just over 11 runs per game and the average on the road was barely under 10 at 9.

9 runs per game. Consider playing overs on the Reds at home in 2006. These Reds didn't get along with the road at all as they were just 31-50 last season. It is yet to be determined on exactly how this season will play out as the Reds dealt away 2-time All-star Sean Casey who has hit over .

300 in 5 of his last 7 seasons and has accrued 1125 hits in 1081 games in his career. They gained left handed starter Dave Williams from the Pirates. It hardly looks like a fair trade as Williams is just 17-26 in his career and was just a 10-game winner a season ago. Obviously, Cincinnati is building for the future and it doesn't look like the future will be any time soon.

With Casey off to Pittsburgh, Adam Dunn, a converted left fielder, will likely return to first base. I expect shortstop sensation Felipe Lopez to pick up some of the slack for Casey by building off of last year's All-star season in which he led all NL shortstops in homers and RBI's. Lopez hit .291 last season , but I expect him to hit over .

300 this year. Even without Casey the Reds should once again be powerful offensive lineup, but they didn't do enough with their pitching situation to contend in the NL Central. .

By: Jimmy Boyd

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