In simple terms, a skateboard is a narrow platform with wheels attached to it. A great attraction for the youth, skateboarding became popular during the last century as an offshoot of surfing. In its early days, skateboarding was known as sidewalk surfing. Used both for recreation and travel, skateboards are used on pavement or any other surface that helps a smooth ride. Skateboards can be costly, with the price going up for top-of-the-range models.A skateboard comprises four wheels attached to two axles.

The axles are known as trucks, and are mounted to the bottom of a wooden board called a deck. Usually, the decks are about 79 cm long and 20 cm wide. They are made of seven layers of Canadian maple veneer, which are pressed and glued together. Skateboard makers alternate the direction of the wood grain of each layer so that the deck does not split along the natural grain lines of the wood. Metallic decks, or decks made of composite materials, are rather rare.

For downhill riding and street riding you should use longer skateboards, while the shorter ones are more suitable for tricks and maneuvers.A main feature of the deck is that it rises at both ends. The one in the front is called the nose, while the rear one known as the tail.

To perform tricks and stunts, skateboarders use the leverage from the kicked ends. The deck usually has abrasive grip tape on top, providing traction that prevents the rider from slipping off.Generally, the trucks are mounted at a distance of 33 to 38 cm. They comprise a base plate that is attached to the deck with screws, and a hanger housing the axle. The wheels are attached to each end of the axle. Generally, trucks are made of lightweight aluminum and allow a slight movement between the base plate and hanger.

Such flexibility ensures that riders can turn the skateboard by shifting their weight.Skateboarding is easy to learn, and more and more people are now trying it either for competition or for recreation.

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By: Thomas Morva

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